Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My outlook on Google

Just felt like firing up a bit of a rant on how I feel SEO is headed in 2012.  There is no doubt that the top players will still have success doing some SEO work and what not, but for a lot of smaller internet marketers you are being pushed out.  A lot of big keywords, especially product terms and phrases, the paid advertisements have dominated the above-the-fold areas. 

No more organic listings can be seen in a number of organic-less results.  This does not promote the hard working, content writing bloggers.  Instead it helps out large budget corporations that can sit atop the PPC chain and puke out thousands upon thousands of dollars for clicks each day. 

Might stimulate Google's financial budget, but not the little guys.  So make sure you are doing all you can to write new, creative posts everyday.  This can help boost your rankings after the latest freshness updates and you'll continue to fight for traffic.